Monday, May 13, 2013

Move along, nothing to see here.

Seriously we're done.

Well maybe not, but probably yes we're done.  As if the lack of a post in over two years wasn't enough of an indicator for folks. You see here's the thing, raising a family is never easy, doing it in times of austerity for a regular fella even less so.  I'm also at the point where my dad's health is failing, my kid is hitting this wonderful age of four and I've got two spectacular bird dogs just waiting for enough training to point every pheasant and dusky grouse from the Utah state line to Hayes Kansas.  And since those things are my main priority I fail to see how keeping a blog on politics is even a desirable endeavor (leaving aside the feasibility factor). That being said I actually would like to  keep writing because I just love the written word and language/writing is like any other skill, you use it or you lose it. So yeah we're done but don't be surprised if things come back reincarnated somehow, but rest assured, I still very much loathe humanity.

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