Monday, August 17, 2015

Stupid people make my head hurt

The above statement really has nothing to do with this post, but is more just a general observation. I suppose I should do something around here. Though I've been saying that for almost a decade, even when I posted things semi regularly. But there are a few things in the works. I'm about wrapped up with Richard Sakwa's book Frontline Ukraine, which will get a full piece here as even Chekov has tapped out of the debate and the CLR is just too full of goddamned loud mouth commies to make it worth the effort. And I say that but I'll probably put something up, if only to annoy the people, I always annoy.

Recently Malcolm has some insights into the Corbyn phenomenon which are as interesting as they are unflattering, worth reading and something that shines new light on the issue.

Also another hunting season is almost upon us and to say that I am anxious is an understatement. Forget March being a wasted month, July and August are surely a punishment for sportsmen of all kinds. Especially August, which is close enough to September to make thinking of anything other than bird hunting impossible which is just turning the knife in the wound. And before everyone talks about fishing. I like fishing too, but here's the thing. I don't need to make excuses to stand around and smoke a cigar. So I don't need to get up in the woods and with a bunch of other people and get eaten alive by mosquitos just to act Zen with a fishing pole. Give me fall and my dogs anytime. Seriously, give it three weeks from opening day and you won't see another soul hunting birds out east (except the hardcore ones and those I would like to think of as kindred spirits).

After nearly a full presidential lifecycle Fallout 4 is finally coming out. I would totally be a fanboy but I'm too broke to buy a PS4 so for now I'm just watching MrMattyPlays on youtube like everyone else wishing for more money (like every fat, broke American out there). Hell I haven't even played my PS3 for almost a year since the wife "organized" all the adult games into whatever blackhole she keeps for video games, fishing lures, and errant hunting gear.

So yeah that's it for now.

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